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Any saint, any person, who wants to win spirituality, has to go through these three doors—mantras, yantras, and the creation of a new divine energy. When we combine a mantra and a yantra and implement those energies together, we create a new high divine energy. You are chanting the mantra and visualizing the yantra to create this new energy. If you miss even one door, you can’t reach your goal.

Mantra means the divine vibration. Yantra means the soul diagram, the hidden energy home. With the mantra you can suck the power and you can give the power. While chanting when you’re in the highest deepest trance you can see visions of the yantras. Then, with the mantra and the yantra, like a flame using the gas, you can make it run. The high divine energy that you receive from putting the yantra and mantra together has a huge effect. Fixing the yantra, bringing the mantra, and channeling it to remake the energy and change the vibrations, put it in your own style, then throwing it into nature to make it work. It’s a kind of technique to make your will come true through your sadhana. Mantra, yantra, then creating a new divine energy—that’s it. More than that, nothing is there.

Working with the soul and angel channels, controlling and handling spirits, communicating and hooking angels, making them work, bringing your own energy up to connect and communicate with Mother Divine. Once you experience Her energy, that energy is with you all the time. That energy purifies everything around you. Your soul turns as a divine soul. These are all unbelievable, interesting techniques. It’s completely inner feelings’ knowledge.


 Muladhara Mantra laṃ – vaṃ śaṃ ṣaṃ saṃ 

Swadhisthana Mantra vaṃ baṃ bhaṃ maṃ yaṃ raṃ laṃ 

Manipura Mantra raṃ ḍaṃ ḍhaṃ ṇaṃ taṃ thaṃ daṃ dhaṃ naṃ paṃ phaṃ 

Anahata Mantra yaṃ kaṃ khaṃ gaṃ ghaṃ ṅaṃ caṃ chaṃ jaṃ jhaṃ ñaṃ ṭaṃ ṭhaṃ 

Vishuddha Mantra haṃ aṃ āṃ iṃ īṃ uṃ ūṃ ṛṃ ṝṃ ḷṃ ḹṃ eṃ aiṃ oṃ auṃ aṃ aḥ 

Ajña Mantra oṃ haṃ kṣaṃ 

Sahasrara Mantra oṃ all the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet

All type of yantras and its benefits

1. Sriyantra     
Education, intelligence, creativity, wealth, beauty, spiritual enrichment
2. Mahalaxmi Yantra    
For wealth
3. Kamla Yantra     
For of wealth
4. Kanakdhara Yantra    
For Gold and wealth
5. Gaytri Yantra     
For energy
6. Durga Beesa Yantra   
To ward off miscellaneous problems
7. Navdurga Yantra    
For power, victory, success
8. Saraswati Yantra    
Education, intelligence, creativity
9. Kali Yantra     
To get victory
10. Tara Yantra    
For eloquence and wealth
11. Bhuvaneswari Yantra   
To get power
12. Chhinamasta Yantra   
Foe overcoming the evil impact of Rahu
13. Bagalamukhi Yantra   
For victory over enemies
14. Tripurbhairavi Yantra   
For self control and victory
15. Dhoomavati Yantra   
To overcome sadness, sorrow, tragedy, disease, poverty
16. Matangi Yantra    
Married life, musical expertise
17. Gita Yantra    
For success
18. Panchanguli Yantra   
Best for astrologers for getting predictive powers
19. Ganesh Yantra    
For Prosperity
20. Swastik Ganesh Yantra   
For Good Luck
21. Hanuman Yantra    
For power, dominance, prosperity.
22. Vahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra 
For protection from road accidents/mishaps
23. Askarsan Yantra    
For attraction
24. Vashikaran Yantra   
To attract your beloved
25. Love enhancement Yantra (Prem Vriddhi Yantra)
For increasing love and affection between husband wife or lover/beloved.
26. Sukh Samriddhi Yantra   
For family happiness
27. Santan Gopal Yantra   
For desired offspring
28. Shubh Labh Yantra   
For gains
29. Vyapar Vridhi Yantra   
For success in business
30. Kuber Yantra    
For wealth
31. Mahamrityunjay Yantra   
To get rid of diseases, fear of death and grave dangers
32. Mahasudarshan Yantra   
Protection from enemies
33. Ram Raksha Yantra   
Protection from enemies
34. Kaalsarp Yantra    
To ward off obstacles, difficulties in life.
35. Matsya Yantra    
For clearing vastu faults
36. Vastu Yantra    
Yantra to remove Vastu ill effects form place of work/residence
37. Surya Yantra    
For goo health
38. Chandra Yantra    
For gain of knowledge
39. Mangal Yantra    
For quick results
40. Buddha Yantra    
For intelligence
41. Brihaspati Yantra    
For power and authority
42. Shukra Yantra    
For happy married life
43. Shani Yantra     
To avoid conflicts or losses
44. Rahu Yantra     
To get benefit from foreign land
45. Ketu Yantra     
For success
46. Navgrah Yantra    
For prosperity
47. Sampoorna Sri Yantra   
For wealth, prosperity, health, beauty, success
48. Sampoorna Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra 
Very effective for getting success in business
49. Sampoorna Vidya Dayak Yantra 
Education, intelligence, creative, speech
50. Sampoorna Badhamukti Ynatra 
To overcome all sorts of obstacles and troubles
51. Sampoorna Rognashaka Yantra 
To overcome all diseases
52. Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra  
To overcome Kaalsarp dosha, Vastu faults and pitri Dosha
53. Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Nivaran 
To overcome all complicated Vastu faults
54. Sampoorna Navgraha Yantra  
To overcome the impact of all planets
55. Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra 
For getting wealth, prosperity
56. Sampoorna Karya Siddhi Yantra 
To get success in accomplishing all sorts of tasks.
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சகல விஷகடிகளுக்கு மந்திரம்

சர்வ வியாதிகள் நீங்க மந்திரம்

ஓம் அங் நங் கிலிகிலி என்று 1008 உரு செபிக்க மந்திரம் 
சித்தியாகும். பின்னர் வலது கையில் விபூதி பரப்பி

அதில் 'ஓம்' என எழுதி இம்மந்திரத்தை 108 உரு செபித்து 
அந்த விபூதியை  நோய்வாய்ப்பட்டவர்க்கு கொடுத்து 
அதை பூசியும் உண்டும் வர சொல்ல உடலில் உள்ள 
சகல நோய்களும் நீங்கி விடும். மற்றவர்கள் இவ்விபூதியை
பூசி வர சகலதோசங்களும் நீங்கி நன்மை உண்டாகும்.

சகல விஷகடிகளுக்கு மந்திரம்

ஓம் ரீங் நசிநசி மசிமசி சகலவிசங்களும் இறங்கு இறங்கு 
மாறு மாறு படுபடு சுவாகா.
இம்மந்திரத்தை உடல் சுத்தியுடன் தூய்மையான இடத்தில் அமர்ந்து
1008 உரு செபிக்க சித்தியாகும்.
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