Healing Mantras

Healing sounds balance both the mind and body, as well as the spirit. Practitioners find that imparting Áyurvedic mantras helps heal their clients. Mantras also help balance prána, tejas, and ojas. They help harmonize nerve tissue, and they clear subtle impurities from the nerves and nádiís (subtle channels). These mantras also aid one’s concentration and creative thinking.

Both practitioner and client use the mantras during a session. They empower all actions on a subtle level, infusing the cosmic life force into the healing process. Generally, Váyu doshas mentally repeat mantras, while Pitta and Kapha doshas may also chant them. Kaphas do particularly well with chanting; it is suggested that they do so on a daily basis.

AUM: (long “ahh”, then ‘um’ as in home) Most important, for it represents the Divine word, serving to energize or empower all things and processes. This is why all mantras begin and end with aum. Best for males.
Uses: It clears the mind, opens náæís, and increases ojas. It awakens one’s práòa—or positivity—needed for healing to occur.

RAM: (“a” sounds like the “a” in “calm”)
Uses: Brings Divine protection (light and grace), giving strength, calm, rest, peace; good for mental disorders and high Váyu (e.g., insomnia, bad dreams, nervousness, anxiety, excessive fear, and fright); it strengthens ojas and builds the immune system. 

HUM (hoom):
Uses: It wards off negative influences, which are manifested as diseases, negative emotions, or black magic. Hoom awakens agni and promotes digestive fire. It burns up áma and clears channels; it increases tejas and mental perception, and it is sacred to Shivá as the sound of Divine wrath.

AIM (aym):
Uses: Improves mental concentration, thinking, rational powers, and speech; awakens and increases intelligence, mental and nervous disorders; restoresspeech, communication, control of senses and mind;
is the sacred sound of Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom.
SHRIM (shreem):
Uses: Promotes general health, beauty, creativity, prosperity, strengthens rasa (plasma) and shukra (reproductive fluids), and overall health and harmony.

HRIM (hreem):
Uses: Cleanses and purifies, giving energy, joy, and ecstasy. Although it initially causes atonement; it also aids detoxification.

KRIM (kreem):
Uses: Gives capacity for work and action; adds power and efficacy, good for chanting while making preparations.

KLIM (kleem):
Uses: Gives strength, sexual vitality, control of emotions, increases shukra and ojas.

SHAM: Mantra of peace (or ‘Aum shanti, shanti, shanti’)
Uses: Creates calmness, detachment, contentment; alleviates mental and nervous disorders, stress, anxiety, disturbed emotions, tremors, shaking, palpitations, and chronic degenerative nervous system disorders.

SHUM: (pronounced like “shoe” but with a shorter vowel sound)
Uses: Increases vitality, energy, fertility, sexual vigor, mantra for increasing shukra.

SOM: (as in home)
Uses: Increases energy, vitality, joy, delight, creativity, ojas; it strengthens mind, heart, nerves, and is good for rejuvenation and tonification therapies.

For Practitioners:
1. During the session, purify healing room using Aum and Hum.
2. Bring Divine light into room using Aum and Ram.
3. Chant mentally over the client to clear their psychic level using Aum.
4. Energize the healing power of herbs or medicines using Krím or Shrím.

For Clients:
They can make use of these mantras at home to increase healing.
Mental or nervous disorders:
Sham—relieves pain and fever. 
Hum—restores nerve function and counters paralysis.
Som—rebuilds cerebrospinal fluid   

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